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 BieAd System
  Version: 2005 - SR1
  Date: 2/17/2005

BieAd was born in 1995. It was developed for an advertising agency. This system answers the phone call, plays an advertising ad and gives information to the caller like the exact time from the US Government's atomic clock, current temperature in any zip code in US and other countries, lottery results and any other information you want BieAd to speak to the caller. You need BieBrowser installed if you want BieAd to have information from any web site in the World. You do not need BieBrowser if the data you want BieAd to speak is in a local database, in this case BieAd will play the advertising ad followed by the information you want to broadcast from the database. BieAd also has other services like Wake Up service, Agenda alarm, Email notification, check old lottery tickets up to a year back (depends on state) and road traffic report (in Florida from Key West to West Palm Beach).

One of the best features of BieAd is that at any time during the phone call, if the caller presses zero "0", they are automatically routed to the sponsor's phone number. For example. Let's say you have 50 ads stored in the systems. Each caller will hear a different ad. These ads are played in a sequential order. At any time during the call the caller presses cero he/she is routed to the phone number of the company they just heard advertised at the beginning of the call. All calls are logged in the database and you can create simple reports to show your customers the date and time the system transferred callers to their business.

BieAd can transfer callers to any phone number in the World and logs all calls events. You are able to know the options that the caller pressed and if they were transfer to another phone. You know how long the caller was in the system and what services they listen to.

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