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 BieCall System
  Version: 2009 - SR 2
  Date: 5/1/2009

BieCall is a Predictive Dialer System that can be used to advertise a product or service, remind customers of pending balances, a collection tool to connect customers with a sales/collection rep or make 24 hours a day unattended Credit Card payments; or it can conduct marketing or political polls.

BieCall has two dialing modes: 1) It can dial a range of telephone numbers sequentially. For example, call from 305-235-0000 thru 305-235-9999, or 2) It can dial numbers from a text file or a database file like Microsoft Access or SQL. All you do is select the dialing mode, select the speech file to play and set the time of the day to start dialing and the time of the day to stop dialing. Once it stops dialing at the end of the day, BieCall goes to sleep until it is time to wake up the next morning. It will then continue dialing where it left off the previous night. BieCall also uses the do-not-call list to avoid calling a number registered with the Do not Call Registry (

BieCall keeps an internal data file with all calls made. The call record is stored with Date, Time, Number called, duration of call, Answer result and digits pressed by the caller who received the call. BieCall will dial the number and perform "Perfect Answering Supervision", which is the function that analyzes the status of the call in progress to determine when the call is answered and if it was answered by a human or by an answering machine. When by a human, BieCall starts talking (playing the speech file you programmed). When answered by an answering machine, BieCall presses a digit to interrupt the machine's preamble and then stars playing the speech file. This avoids the common problem of callers checking their messages when they get home and all they hear is the last part of a message that most of the time doesn't have a phone number or the most important part of the message.

BieCall when used with the BieCenterNT Server, can dial out on up to 48 simultaneous lines, and unlimited amount of computers can be networked together. When used with the BieCenter Server, BieCall can dial out on up to 240 lines simultaneously, and unlimited amount of computers can also be networked together.

You can assign different campaigns to different lines. For example, you can have lines 1 through 20 calling a group of phone numbers to play a specific announcement, and have lines 21 through 40 calling a different group of numbers with a different announcement, and lines 41 through 48 running a different campaign. When any of these groups finish dialing from its list you can go back and program that group to run a new campaign.

When using BieCall to offer a product, service or collect a balance, you should also purchase BieCC, our Credit Card/Check processing system. BieCC can help callers on line make payments or purchase your products totally unattended. It only takes two seconds to process the callers' Credit Card or Check information. It is very secured and convenient since it uses VeriSign, the number one processor in the World. You need to have a merchant account to use BieCC.

As you can see in the picture below, BieCall shows in the screen the progress of the dialing process. Total calls made and the total for the different results like busy, no answer, Operator intercepts, etc. BieCall can also perform poll questionaires where callers can be asked a series of questions in a phone call and will answer them by pressing digits on their key pads.

BieCall can use Analog lines or Digital lines, T-1 or E-1. For PRI or Voice Over IP (VoIP) BieCall must be used with the BieCenter Server.

You can click on this link to open or download BieCall's Microsoft Word document:

biecall (132K)

BieCall being used by a Long Distance Call company to make over 34,500 calls per day, using 48 channels, to remind customers of due balances and to advertise new products.

For marketing campaigns, BieCall can conduct polls by asking a series of questions. Questions can be a yes/no scenario, multiple choice or scale type of questions to measure performance on a person or product. Polls can also be used in political campaigns

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