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 BieCam System
  Version: 2004 - SR3.1
  Date: 4/10/2005

BieCam is a custom made system that uses a regular web cam to take pictures or capture video, with or without sound, of the area where the camera is located. BieCam can be programmed to start taking pictures or recording video in different modes:

  • Manually by a system operator.
  • Remotely via the internet.
  • By motion detection, like the video below.
  • Via serial or USB port connected to a door, gate or a cash register, for example.

BieCam can take pictures of a transaction and automatically upload them, totally unattended, to a Server anywhere in the World. It can also send you emails with the pictures and call you by phone to notify you of an illegal entry if passed a certain hour of the day.

Move your mouse over the image below and watch a 20 seconds video started automatically by motion detection. This video was recorded at a data rate of 31.400 kb/secs and a video sample size of 24 bits. This 2 frames per second speed allows to catch a lot of action in just 20 seconds.

Using BieCam's Control Panel to setup the program for the task. You can do this locally in front of the system or remotely via the Internet. You may need a fixed IP address to access the system remotely. Some options are to activate the motion detection mode. You can use the system's viewer to see the pictures or videos taken by BieCam. Notices how all pictures are stored with the Date and Time it was taken. Other information can be printed on the picture like location ID and more.

biecam (39K)

BieCam has all the necessary features to allow you to adjust different parameters in order to get the best quality possible depending on the environment.

biecam2 (80K)

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