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 BieCC System
  Version: 2005 - SR2
  Date: 5/17/2005

BieCC stands for Bie Credit Card program. If you ever need a computer system to take Credit Card and Check orders over the telephone for an unlimited amount of simultaneous callers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is the product you need. BieCC works with both of our Server versions BieCenter and BieCenterNT. Some of our Customers are using BieCC to take unattended, fully automated and 100% secured Credit Card orders for Calling Cards recharge, Prepaid Long Distance, Chat lines and regular sales of products on inventory.

BieCC was born in 1994 when one of our customers out of Great Neck, Long Island, New York asked us for a product that will enable our 72 lines system to take Credit Card orders for new customers on the telephone. Back then BieCC was using a separate computer with a modem connection that dialed a local telephone number to connect to a Credit Card processor for authorization. This was done in an amazing 12 seconds. Very fast for those days.

Watch a real time video NOW !!! Watch a real time transaction being processed. Notice the time it takes to process a transaction from the moment the "Submit" button is pressed to the moment the reply from the Credit Card Processor appears on the white box. It is exactly ONE second.

This is what it takes BieCC to process a Credit Card or Check transaction over a regular DSL internet connection, just one second.

BieCC uses VeriSign. This is why it works with all Credit Card processors in the whole World. The VeriSign security has no match. To process checks, besides having an account with VeriSign you must also have an account with TeleCheck. We help you open these accounts as well as a Merchant account if you do not have one.

This is an actual picture of BieCenterNT using BieCC to process live Credit Card payments. Callers on the system are able to pay with their Credit Cards 24 hours a day. On the BieCC screen you can see the results of all transactions. The first digit shows the result. A cero means approved and any other digit shows different declined responses. With BieCC you can process Credit cards and checks with three different tools: 1) Callers on the phone totally unattended. 2) You could talk to the caller on the phone and assist him/her using the BieCC screen as a payment terminal. 3) The web site. It has all the detailed information you need on all transactions and a Credit Card terminal as well.

BieCenterNT using BieCC

Credit Card numbers are not exposed to your employees. Only the person who has access to both, the BieCC screen and the web site, can match numbers.
BieCC's screen shows the last 4 digits XXXX XXXX XXXX 4444
BieCC's reports shows 8 digits 1111 XXXX XXXX 4444
Web site shows 8 digits XXXX 2222 3333 XXXX

With this format an operator can be assisting a caller and can use the last four digits of the Credit Card as a reference. For accounting and searching purposes, only an administrator will have access to the secured web site where you will be able to match numbers to see the whole Credit Card number.

Another great advantage of BieCC besides security, speed and reliability, is that it can use up to 47 different parameters for security purposes. For example, it asks for the Credit Card Number and the expiration date but it can also ask for billing zip code, Card security code in the back (or front for American Express), home phone number, fax number, and up to 41 different questions to make sure the person placing the order is the owner of the card or check.

You can use BieCC's main screen as a Credit Card or Check authorization terminal as well, in case you need to process transactions manually. You also have access to VeriSign's web site 24 hours a day to keep track of your sales, create reports and complete other types of transactions like credits, voids and much more.
Convert your salespeople's cellular phones into a Credit Card Terminal.
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