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 BiePBX System
  Version: 2004 - SR2
  Date: November 14, 2004

Long time ago the telephone was invented, it changed the World for ever. Some years later, the computer was invented, it changed the World for ever, again. Put the two together to work for you, it will change your business, FOR EVER.

We proudly present .... BiePBX !!!

BiePBX is a business telephone system, like the one you are using right now in your office, built in a computer. Your current PBX handels your local telephone lines coming from your local telephone company to connect to your Extensions on every desk. If you have a good PBX, you also have a Voice Mail system built in, that's it. BiePBX has exactly the same, with the diference that it can handle up to 1,024 lines and extensions, besides Voice Mail, it also has Email, Fax, Intranet Chat, Internet Chat, Appointments reminder, Calendar, Voice Over IP (VoIP) to make free long distance calls between offices around the World, it sends you all these diferent types of messages to your email account when traveling, Voice recognition, 50 numbers redial, 50 numbers callback, all functions on your computer screen including Caller ID so you can see and manage multiple phone calls coming to your extension without putting the person you are talking to on Hold, screen messages as they are being recorded by new callers, Receptionists can sit anywhere there is a computer, if you computer is off just pick up the incoming call and listen to the callers voice anouncing their name and by pressing a key, answer, foward, block or send to Voice Mail, lock the telephone on your desk when you are going away, get a detailed phone calls record for local and long distance made from your office, and more. These are some of the many features built in BiePBX.

The main function of BiePBX is to give you all the tools you can imagine to manage all the phone calls in and out of your office. All the other conventional messages, like fax, email and chat are tools to keep you connected to the office, even when traveling. For example, Mail Bouncer is a fuction built into BiePBX, what it does is destroys junk email. It is working in the background while you work, every minute or up to every 99 minutes, it checks your email account to destros junk email, when your computer downloads new emails all the garbage has been detected and destroyed by BiePBX, it can also alert you when a special or emergency email has arrived, it will page you, call you to up to three diferent phone numbers and email you to another email account, in case you are traveling and you are using a web mail server.

BiePBX smallest configuration is 4 lines from your local company and 8 extensions, and all the features mentioned above with the exception of VoIP and Voice Recognitions. These two are modules sold separately because they require additional hardware. BiePBX can use Analog, Digital (T-1, E-1 or PRI/ISDN) lines and Voice Over IP (VoIP) ports. It can also be used as a Call Center with or without the computer terminals.

                                         Receptionist's screen. Controls all lines and extensions from any computer.

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