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 MailBouncer System
  Version: 2005 - SR2
  Date: 2/17/2005

MailBouncer is a software that we originally developed for our office use. One of our customer saw the program working in one of our computers and liked it, and asked if we can install it in his computers. We did, and they were very pleased.

MailBouncer connects to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and logs into your email server using the server address, user name and password you enter in the Setup Form. MailBouncer only works with POP3 email accounts (Outlook, Netscape, etc ...). It does not work with Web Mail Servers like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. We are in contact with Microsoft waiting for their new release that will allow Hotmail access via POP3 servers.

Mail Bouncer can filter any kind of email. You can block people who are in your "From" list or only allow people who are in your "From" list. You can destroy emails that contain certain words in the "Subject" or destroy emails that do not contain certain key words in the "Subject". For example, you can set up MailBouncer to destroy email that DO NOT contain the word "Hello" in the subject, this way MailBouncer will not destroy emails from your friends and family who know the key word. Destroy emails that are not address to your name or by words in the body of the email. MailBouncer has its own list of most common profanities. If you check that box, MailBouncer will also use it, in addition to the words you entered in the Filter Form.

If you already own a copy of Bie's Email Extractor, then you can tell MailBouncer to connect to Email Extractor's database and save all those email addresses that you get in your junk mail, and use them later for marketing purposes. The next version of MailBouncer, will save for some days, the junk mail before it is destroyed.

MailBouncer works silently in your computer destroying junk email before it gets to your computer. It checks your new emails every minute, or the elapse time you program, up to an hour.


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