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 WatchDog System
  Version: 2005 - SR 2.2
  Date: 5/17/2005

WatchDog is a Server that monitors any other BieCenter or BieCenterNT Server in the World via Internet. The remote Server must be compatible in order to have a conversation with the WatchDog Server. You can program WatchDog to call an unlimited amount of Servers from an unlimited amount of companies. A set of questions must be programmed by us in order to allow the two Servers to establish a conversation. In this conversation the Remote Server answers the questions with data stored in its database or from memory.

Actual conversation between WatchDog and 17 systems around the country.

WatchDog can be programmed to call remote systems every 2 minutes or up to every 24 hours.

One of the most powerful features in WatchDog is the ability to send an emergency email to a group of email accounts including cellular phones and PDA, basically to any email account, when certain responses from a remote server go below or above the value that you have estipulated. WatchDog is even able to reboot or shutdown a remote Server via Internet. In the following example, WatchDog sent an email to all registered accounts, including us at GTM, with information about a system that has not received calls in the last 30 minutes.

WatchDog is also able to place emergency phone calls to any telephone number in the World. You must purchase the Telephony Module and get the phone lines from your local Phone company. We can assist you with the arrangements. The Telephony Module can use from one analog telephone line to ten T-1s (240 lines) or E-1s (300 lines) for Europe or Latin America. If you need more lines, you just add another Telephony Server (BieCenter or BieCenterNT) and so on.

Everytime WatchDog finishes a round, it creates a Report and sends it to your Web site. You and your employees can be anywhere in the World using any computer can connect to the Internet and check the status of all systems being monitored by WatchDog.

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